Packing and perspectives

Unadulterated packing today. Apart from going to a nearby framer. Dawn came by in the afternoon and helped us pack too.

I had a hideous task, which was to murder my remaining tropical fish. An utterly harrowing experience. I had read the most humane way of killing them was to drop them into freezing ice cube water. Emptied all the ice into a small amount of water and added the struggling fish. It didn't seem to work, and the biggest of the fish pushed its face clear of the ice and moved its eyes at me, appalled at my murderous treachery. It really was like a scene from a horror film. Dawn and Lorraine who had retired upstairs as I was at my hateful business. helpfully observed that I had just eaten some fish fingers (eating down things in the freezer) and to get over it. But I felt that my karma took a damned good kicking.

Life in general also put into perspective by reading a brave and loving Facebook post by Graeme, who I have not seen for ages and whose illness is now very serious. Lorraine and I left inevitably inadequate messages on his Facebook page. He is such a kind and brave man, and he is particularly close to First Matie and Matty Boy. God bless him.