Out of the tunnel

Bit of a scramble to catch the train, which after a bit stopped in the tunnel under the downs for ten minutes or so. As my background stress levels are high, I didn't enjoy this much, and very relieved  to be out of the tunnel. Late to work due to these signalling problems, but enjoying The Guest Cat as a light read. Shortly before arriving at St Pancras I had one of those moments when a detailed, chapter by chapter idea for a kind of ghost story, arrived in my head. Was able to jot down a list of bullets in a minute or so as soon as I arrived at work.

A day of work sitting with Steve polishing and tweaking cattle concepts. Thankfully was released back into the wild this evening. There is much to be done before the move, not just the move itself, but all backlog of stuff of stuff I need to sort out - such as getting the marketing book sent out again - beforehand.  Still smarting about the last minute u-turn taken by Kogan Page so need to take action.

Home on the train, delayed naturally, and Lorraine has one of her schools being Ofsted inspected so she arrived home very late after supporting the school. I had meanwhile cooked an excellent fish curry, and fed my wife who had been drinking too much coffee, and administered wine when she got home.