Back to work

Up to London, weather on the turn with the dregs of a hurricane dragging itself over the Atlantic. Missed my train this morning. Another day in Tavistock Square, luckily feeling a good deal less wussy than I had felt over the weekend. Another day of animal diseases. Weather rolling in and the light doing interesting things through the windows all afternoon. Walked off to buy a sandwich at lunchtime, feeling noticeably less rubbish than of late and enjoying the sight of Tavistock Square.

Home on a slow train, finished The Zone of Interest by Martin Amis -- feeling as if it could have been a great book but left unconvinced. Then once back in Brighton straight to the Three Jolly Brewers for a poetry workshop, which I joined halfway through. A slightly strange atmosphere among attendees, but I was greeted in a friendly enough way. Said hello to various pals, including Robin, Antony, Andie and Susan. A swift drink afterwards, listening to people's opinions, and fishing a Guernsey pound note out of a tips tray. The barman didn't even know if it was currency. Home and chatting to my lovely Lorraine before going to bed.

A view from a window.