Getting sorted

Tsunami dreams last night.

Managed to get lots done today, as well as have conversations with Mum and Mas (being propped up at the table on their iPad as they drank their morning coffees) and later with Janet. Sorted out broadband for the temporary home, filled in forms to do with establishing my Ltd company, worked on billing and other admin, and entered the National Poetry Competition as I am copying Robin and entering as many competitions as possible in a positive way.

Last time of seeing Sonya till we get a new house. Had a laugh with her about how she takes good ideas from people's houses, and has advised her son what kind of shower to have so that it is easy to clean.

Late in the afternoon began to feel nauseous, and had a badly upset stomach so felt pleased that I wasn't working in London. Finished The Guest Cat, which was nice. Toby messaged that he was reading the philosophy of Kant and finding it inspiring. I said he was made of stern stuff.

Had a craving, despite dodgy stomach, for chips with salt and vinegar. When poor Lorraine got home we drove off to buy some in nearby Baker Street, who serve superior fish and chips (at a price).

Various teachers phoning and texting Lorraine for support till 11:30, by which time we were both in bed.