Friday at last

Lorraine up at sixish this morning, and so was I up early to London working on the train, but feeling absolutely shattered and sore throaty and only in the end ten minutes early. Dragged by butt through the day, which seemed to go on forever. Yawning in the airless office, I melted away to stand in Tavistock Square for a few minutes just try to wake myself up a bit.

Eventually home, in a crowded delayed train, listening to the Martin Amis book Zone of Interest, which I think should be much more interesting than it is. It is relentlessly banal but maybe that is the point.

Then straight to The Shakespeare's Head to meet Lorraine, Betty, John, and Rosie where we had some sausages and mash and a few quiet beers. A real thank God it's Friday feeling. Later joined by Betty's pal Laura, and Matt and a Turkish friend Yasin who I really enjoyed talking to about his participated in the Gezi Park protests last year. Much gossiping and chatting, and very pleased to have got to the end of a gruelling week.

Home, feeling really tired, and Zombied off to bed.

Below a momentary interlude in Tavistock Square, looking at the Gandhi statue, and the leaves on the road that I always look at this time of year.