Keeping a cool head

Feeling brighter after the best night's sleep I have had in a while. But throat still raw and sore. Improved mood today generally, tinkered with some poems and sent out a poetry submission to an excellent online magazine called Antiphon in the morning.

We have exchanged contracts on the Old Church Hall so we will be leaving here in two weeks to the day, to go into rented accommodation in Haywards Heath till our new house becomes available.

Off to the barbers to get a haircut. It is a fact now that the area of concern is no longer a concern, it is an actual bald patch which is spreading like an angry bush fire. I am going bald, the very word is like a slap on the scalp. And even the artful angle of the barber showing me his handiwork with a mirror couldn't disguise the pilgarlic travesty of my head.

Immediately after this I went off to see Jewel for an hour long deep tissue massage on my rigid back, shoulders and neck. Came out feeling as if I had been beaten up for all the best reasons.

Home and took delivery of a bazillion boxes. Then made off to Lewes to meet Robin for a brainstorm and a catch up. Nice to hang out and talk about poems and publishers over a coffee and make plans.

On the train home a text from Robin saying, by sheer coincidence, that Antiphon had emailed her and said that someone might review The Nightwork, which is cool if it comes off and, if they do, they don't think it is risible.

Home and did stuff and cooked for my lovely wife who had left hideously early and was late home. Up to London tomorrow so an early night all round.