Monday, then

Monday, then. Lorraine busy today working from home, then going off to visit Penny and have a workout with her personal trainer. She is feeling trepidatious about starting work again, but went to her office today and felt okay. Sam being very kind and thoughtful to her.

Up in St Andrew's Jade received the birthday speaker we'd sent her, saying the bass was good. 

In Kenny Towers, I was manacled to my desk, with Keith on my screen. Today's going was slow and sticky with not much to show for our efforts at the end of it all. A brief conversation about foraging. Keith says he makes cider with crab apples. 

At five I left the frustrations of work behind, and took a stroll over the hill to clear my head. Lorraine cooked too on return, and we had dinner with Sam in the kitchen. 

A quiet evening. I watched Frasier episodes, and Lorraine played on her Nintendo Switch. 

More black and white skies around the hillfort. Top west towards Seaford, and east towards Moulsecoomb.