Friday thank God

Up early, and working with Keith. Much better morning today, and we got our act together well enough to have everything ready for lunch. 

Had a chat with Mason at lunchtime, whose birthday it is today. They were off to the Waggon to celebrate. 

Lorraine home today, and so she and Sam dealt with the drains man who came with his poo poker to probe at one of the drains the gutter runs into which had become partially blocked by a black plastic bag that had been left under the decking nearby. Not a complicated job apparently. All well. 

Back to work: Keith camping this afternoon, and so I flew solo on the transatlantic presentation. Felt unusually nervous about my bit, and had to sit through an hour of other people presentations before mine. However I got through it unscathed, and they seemed fairly positive after I had presented. Nothing to do then, but wait for feedback, which I knew wouldn't come to the evening as the US are behind us in time.

Felt drained and stressed afterwards, but Lorraine and I took a toddle up to the Hillfort and I loved showing Lorriane the wildflowers on the top. A great abundance and all my usual flowery pals still going, like the yellow common ragworts, and the purple knapweeds, and thistles, and yarrows, and the wild clematis called traveller's joy, and wild marjoram and mint, ladies bedstraw and so on. All very nice. Lorraine and I sat on the bench on top of the hill fort and looked out to sea, and over the city and around at the line of the downs. It is lovely, and lovely to share it with my lovely wifey. Suddenly began to feel human again.

Feedback came in the evening. Keith and I had to polish and develop one of our routes for the Client presentation by close of play on Monday. With one proviso: that we remove one of the main elements that gave it charm and life. Gah. 

Home and I collected a takeaway curry for us and Sam. I avoided the jalfrezi this time, and had a mild mannered tandoori chicken with bhindi bhaji and rice. Perfectly nice, and washed down by a couple of Friday night beers. Began to watch the film of Brideshead Revisited.