Done and dusted

Up early with Lorraine for an epic house tidy. As two young ladies, aka the dusty dolls, came by to give our house a deep clean. Annoying to-ing and fro-ing with the agency, who now want me to work for the following two weeks, thus effectively ending my holiday with Lorraine this week. I have to accept, but very reluctantly. 

Jade off to have the massage that Lorraine had sorted out for her, and then Lorraine and I nipped into town on a bus, did a spot of shopping. Lorraine to meet Beth and Jade, and I mooched up to see Anton, who had a holiday. We decided on a game of boules, so sauntered down to the sea for another close game, which I won for the first time. Then we returning to the Batty for a beer in the beer garden.  The sun had come out, and Anton told me about his trip to Norfolk to buy tailor made clothes that will be sent to him in October. 

Then off to The Foundry pub, as Anton's researches had revealed a new chef there. We had another beer and a light snack of Mexican food. It was fresh, delicious and authentic. Making a mental note to go back there soon, we went our separate ways.

I walked home to my wifey. The house nearly spotless. Lorraine and Jade and Beth had a great time apparently, sampling the new Burnt Orange restaurant. Lorraine cooked a bloody marvellous pie tonight, so I ate this hungrily. A happy end to a lovely day.