Brighton by rain

A comparatively wonderful night's sleep. Woke up having slept like a log, and accompanied by cats. Got up and bought some bread and bacon from around the corner, and made breakfast and took it up to Lorraine. Gradually got up and unpacked our case full of dirty clothes.

Spoke to Mum and Mas this morning, they showed me the new rail in the garden outside, a big improvement. They seemed fairly cheery, and were off to meet Robert at lunchtime. I also spoke to Ben who called by.  

Utterly rainy again. Reminding me of the year that Romy stayed with us in Brighton, and it rained harder and more often than I had ever seen it.

In the afternoon we walked down to The Beirhaus pub where we met Anton, free at last after serial self-isolations. He has mostly been bored and working really hard. Had a few cheeky German beers and hot dogs with German mustard and sauerkraut and caught up on the news. Then to the Fountainhead for a bit more to eat and a game of euchre. We had some veggie stuff, but the fries, with crispy bits of tempura Jalapeno chilli mixed in with them them was rather nice.

 Brighton full of people today as this is the Pride weekend, but Pride was cancelled. People still found their way to Brighton to celebrate despite the frequent bursts of really heavy rain.

We looked at a couple more pubs with Anton, but they were all heaving so we decided to call it a day.  Lorraine and I walked home in the rain again. A sofa evening, with Sam and Jade. I fell asleep on my back and began snoring, at which point I was woken. Then some more comforting, happy Frasier before bedtime.