Lorraine improves

Lorraine much better today, after having horribly upset stomach yesterday, and even managed to eat things again. It was good to see her colour go back to normal and her temperature drop. Kept checking on her during the day. In the late afternoon she got up to sit on the gold sofa. A shame as she had planned to meet James's mother today, in a grand Mum Summit in Lewes. And talking of Mums, I spoke to Mum at lunchtime, she has had more difficulties with her car, and Felix needed to go to the vet for stitches after having a nasty cut. The trauma of journey there with the cat in a box, is worse than the injury.

Another tiresome day's freelance, battling on with Keith, but finished just after six.  

I met Anton in the Batty for a beer, and we ended up going to a couple of pubs before a cheeky meal of decent Indian street food in the  Hampton. He was wearing excellent new brogues of a dull reddish colour. Lovely. Felt a bit like old times wandering into a few pubs. Face masks here and there, but sometimes looking around you could be fooled into thinking it was fine. I have reached the point now where I take sensible precautions, but must trust my double jab to keep me safe, or at least keep off the worst of any infection. Certainly beneficial to your mental health to go out a bit.

On the way back, walking across Preston Park in the dark, I used the flash on my phone to take some ghostly photos.