To Ashford

Felt a little sadder and wiser after staying up late. Lorraine made beans on toast for breakfast which did the trick. Off in the car to Ashford where we spent the day with Pat and Maureen and Ken, Lorraine's brother. Nice to hang out. Ken cooked a lovely lunch of roast chicken, and lots of salads and new potatoes and so on. I was offered wine, and accepted a small glass. I have foresworn booze as after months of not drinking hardly anything, a social life returning seems, for me at least, to spell drinking quite a lot. I will turn the tide. Watched some tennis on TV, with Serena Williams being beaten by a robot.

Pat showed me the garage where his mates have been playing darts again. He won 'the silly game' again last week. He also gave us some big pots. Maureen in good form and busy plotting new embroidery. 

Home very easily again, and it was still light. Sunlight all the way till the downs and a murky mist when we got home. Spoke to Mum who was a bit fed up, and then watched some TV before bed. We are watching Call the Agent, which is a French show and it is great. 

Lorraine working from home tomorrow so this was good.