New moon!

A leisurely morning, mostly in bed. I got up and toddled around the corner to buy some sliced chewy brown bread. After breakfast Lorraine and I went into the garden and busied ourselves planting things for the slugs to eat and moving pots about and repotting stuff. 

Dawn came by at two armed with clotted cream, an enormous scone and strawberries. It was lovely to see her, and for Lorraine and I to actually give her a hug. We sat outside in the back garden chatting. She told us how her family has been approached, in a very disturbing and hostile way, by someone claiming to be related to them. The pandemic is turning people crazy. Very nice to be setting the world right with Dawn after far too long. 

Sam and Jade like church mice all day, having gone to bed very late last night indeed as is only right and proper in the young uns.  

Later in the afternoon, Lorraine and I settled down to watch a bit of the European cup, the important matter of Denmark vs Finland. The game in Copenhagen, and it made us think of Derek and Laura and Claudia in Finland. The game abruptly stopped, however, when Christian Eriksen (familiar in English football having been one of Spurs best players until 2020) suddenly collapsed. We along with millions of others, sat watching the TV as he was given CPR and his traumatised team mates stood shielding him from cameras and the crowd as they worked urgently on first aid. A harrowing thing to witness, and not how the football viewing was supposed to pan out. The live feed was from UFEA apparently so for some reason the BBC could not cut away from it. Eventually they did to an ashen Gary Lineker and fellow commentators. Eriksen however survived, and was conscious and stable shortly afterwards. Amazing really. They played the second half and the Finish team scored. As Barry Glendenning said on the Guardian live feed, the Finish team won't forget their first appearance in a major tournament.  

Otherwise using the power of my star position app, I jumped up shortly after sundown, and saw the narrow slither of the crescent moon with my naked eye and not through glass. This ensuring a happy month. Explained this to Lorraine who humoured her clearly insane husband.