Garden party

Into town this morning by bus, a spot of shopping and Lorraine had her second jab. Not without a struggle though, as before although she had been invited to attend there was some mismatch with the records from her GP and wasn't listed. An officious idiot made it difficult for a while, but Lorraine prevailed and came out jabbed. I am very pleased about this as school starts next week, and this Delta variant first identified in India is proving rather too communicable. We should be okay with our jabs however.

We bussed back home and made ready for Rosie and Innis coming around. Actual hugging when the arrived, at tea time, and we had drinks and some food outside on the decking. I washed it and sorted it and laid a table cloth which a bird decorated. Nice to hang out in the back and chat. Lorraine cooking up a lovely flan (flan A) and salads and so on. Innis says he  has bought some boules and we hope to play with Anton next week.  It was a sunny evening and after Rosie and Innis left, Lorraine went to bed, feeling a bit weary after the jab. I stayed up disgracefully with Sam and Jade, moving indoors and drinking and talking about all manner of things until I realised it was two o'clock. To bed, with top hat somewhat askew.