Fog on the barrow downs

Up early and working at 7:30 on the German stuff,  and was done by midday.  Spent the afternoon half expecting feedback, but at the end of the day I simply received a couple of notes of thanks. The whole thing had gone very well, which was a confidence booster. I have been booked for the next two weeks too, so I am at last beginning to feel properly solvent again. I billed my French amis too and did some editing on the Rishi interview. Also reading Hélène Cixous, who I greatly admire and is one of those writers that fires ideas in my head even if I am not sure I am completely understanding her. 

Still nothing from NatWest whose uselessness will I hope be repaid in hard cash once they get around to dealing with the complaint. 

I went for a walk a little before noon, up to Hollingbury Hill which was misty and mysterious. It briefly reminded me of that chapter in Lord of the Rings, Fog on the Barrow Downs -- a strand of Gothic horror completely omitted from the films. 

Did all my paces. Lorraine working from home this afternoon. Brilliant to finish the week, and have Lorraine already at home. 

By late afternoon it had turned really sunny too, and I sat outside in 'the Taverna' having a cold beer with the hot sun on me, and chatting to Jade at some length about all manner of subjects. Then I toddled around to Red Chillies and picked us up some curries for us all. 

Below hawthorn trees on the golf course, and another by the curve of the wall. Everything beyond it just a suggestion.