Reading day at Kenny Towers

Much brighter mentally, and less stressed. Enjoyed a day of research, and also wrote a good first draft of a new poem to my revised memory brief. Finished reading The Memory Illusion, by Dr Julia Shaw. Began Metaphors of Memory, A history of ideas about the mind, by Douwe Draaisma, a pricey purchase, but pure gold, and dipped into Gilbert Ryle's The Concept of Mind which has a few uninspiring pages about memory. 

Lorraine at home as she has a headache and snuffles which as Sam has covid, has to be taken seriously.  Lorraine had to do a proper test so I went along too. Lorraine and I the only people in the test car park. Sam keeping to his rooms, and having conversations from afar. He is doing okay, and apart from being tired and sore throated, is not too bad. Pat still okay in Ashford. Thank goodness for jabs. 

Really enjoyed having Lorraine at home, and talking to her helped me untangle my brain.  

Planet Poetry went live today. Otherwise little to report. Was shortlisted for a deeply uninspiring six month contract via YunoJuno as a copywriter. I declined. Watched The Simpson's Movie, for want of something better.