Another quiet one

Another quiet one... Lorraine and I went to James and Beth's new flat on Saturday evening. It is bigger than where they were, and feels nice and homey. They seem delighted. A bit of a malarkey trying to drill holes into the wall, however. Only after it had all gone horribly wrong did I look at the new drill's packaging to see that it was not the sort you drilled masonry with.

However, a lovely evening was had. A delivery from a Chinese restaurant. I don't remember eating Chinese food since well before all the unpleasantness started. Quite nice. Beth had been shopping for her new home, and showed us a variety of things, including a hooky stand to ensure bananas remain unbruised. Beth also getting ready for her play too.

Sunday a good day for dozing indoors in the warm. I got up fairly early and did some recording with Robin. Later, leaving Lorraine deep in Star Dew Valley, I went for walk up to the Hillfort where the wind was making the rain sting my face.  Pleasing to get some air however. I did some reading of poetry magazines for a few hours. I also had a cheeky doze and Lorraine and I cooked a roast chicken. All well, for a dreary winter day. 

Below Calliope with the right idea, and looking north from the top of the golf course.