A time wasting charlatan

Continuing to be lifeless this morning so, while still in bed decided to book a Covid test. Texts with Keith. Luckily he is working this week, so my wussiness does not affect him.  Got up and gave myself a stern talking to about pulling myself up by my bootstraps. Lorraine, working from home this morning, taking my usual madness in her stride. Downstairs I took a lateral flow test which was negative, did a spot of German work, hopefully the last of the dribs and drabs. 

Having booked a test, Lorraine drove me to Withdean before dropping me near home, and going off to school for the afternoon. Once home again, I felt like a complete time-wasting charlatan because I felt steadily better as the day wore on and actually did some good work this afternoon. Heard from First Matie too, and hope to see each other soon.  Anton said I was a wuss, when I told him I wasn't feeling well. He is probably right. Cooked for Lorraine and Sam. And felt much happier by evening. Texts with Yvonne too, who was going to quiz me about Guernsey last night.