Brighter Monday

My best day for a while. Got up early, but not too early, had a chat with Keith about bid'ness and did some work for the Germans. Lorraine on half term today, and went off to help Beth tidy her old rented flat, now that she and James have moved. 

Lorraine and I having proper discussions today about the next stage, with her retiring from Headteachering this year, and our house move. Writing lists about what needs to be done. 

I went for a walk this afternoon, the first time in a while and felt I had energy too and this made me cheerful. A bright day. The photos look dark because I was shooting into the sun somewhat. The bottom one shows the curve of the Hillfort wall. 

Tucked into cold nut roast and oven chips tonight. Curiously delicious. Spoke to Mum this evening. Lorraine phoned Maureen, whose Covid, like the Queen's, is manifesting as a cold.