Slogging and good luck

No fever in the night, and a bit brighter today. Under the cosh, however, working at my desk on the pressurised freelance job from 7:15. It was to get stuff ready for a presentation at nine, but this was bumped till the afternoon, which gave Keith and I  chance to pull everything together again after a lengthy chat with the creative director. A long presentation this afternoon, which went well enough for us. This done, we could finish at fourish.  

As soon as I finished, I was phoned by the complaints team at then Bank, to whom I had to explain all the issues yet again. However he has promised to erase all bank fees, repay the cheque that was paid from the account, get to the root of the problem and pay me £500 for my trouble. 

Good news arrived today too, with an acceptance of a poem in a magazine called 14 for poems of 14 lines. It is a new one called Black Kawasaki KH250 in a new style for me. I had to consult with Anton to get the bike name right.

Lorraine working in the lounge on reports and other stuff all day. She heard that her COVID test was negative this evening, and I was emailed in the night with the same news. All well. Just a  touch of writer's gyp then. Nevertheless a bit of a sleep after work for an hour. Feeling lots brighter however.

In the evening we settled down to watch yet another Marvel movie. This one was called Infinity War. An entertaining movie and sometimes amusing. Jade heavily invested in all the characters, and with the more obscure Marvel lore at her fingertips.