Busy day. More cat concepts for the French agency, chats with David about winding up my Ltd company.  I like David and he speaks human, a noble trait in an accountant. Also uploaded the latest episode of Planet Poetry, which required last minute stuff with Robin, but we both felt a sense of accomplishment. Wrote to Rishi to let him know.

Zoomed off across the park to pick up a prescription at lunchtime. Only half the pills as I have to have a blood test now, and a phone in consultation in the next couple of weeks. Walking back I saw a young black man wearing what seemed to me to be traditional African clothes and a man-high stick performing some sort of ritual with a woman in the rose garden. Brighton, eh? I was curious but had to hurry home for work again. 

Lorraine out this evening at a work related thing, so I did dinner early, and then went back to doing a bit of French stuff, and had an early evening walk to get to more than 10k. Also confirmed that I will be working with Germans on Monday. Freelance life is going well at the moment and I am busy making hay while the sun shines.