Hillside sheep

Saturday, bloody marvellous because Lorraine was able to look forward to her holiday. I was pleased for a break too, as I have been slogging in the last week and felt absolutely exhausted today. In the evening Sam and Jade returned from London, Sam bringing with him some donuts to celebrate Lorraine's finishing of the year.

In the evening we drove off and collected Beth and James, and drove off to Tottington Manor Hotel, a pub by the side of the downs with sheep baa-ing enthusiastically in the field next to us. Sat outside and had a meal. I had a pint of beer called a seagull, and a young chap appeared at my elbow after a while,, and said Seagull? Beth replied for me, as I was laughing, and said, 'thanks duck.' A pleasant meal there, and a lovely interlude accompanied by the gentle bleating of hillside sheep. 

James and Betty, making a lovely couple.