Branch of evil

Up early and writing. Poems. Only time will tell if they are any good or not. After a couple of hours of this, the rest of the day spent frog eating. Did some work on something for Lorraine, I waited for the young plumber to arrive, who was over an hour late, but very cheerful and full of banter. Once this was done, frittered more futile time trying to make the web forwarding for the podcast address I have purchased work, involving yet more emails with Robin, internet chats with technical support and so on. I wouldn't mind but I have achieved the domain mapping effortlessly in minutes before.

Stomped off late in the afternoon for a walk. In the scraps of wood below the hill, I walked over a sturdy fallen branch, about a foot or so long, which flipped up and somehow jammed itself between my leg just under my knee and the ground as I strode forward. It was like walking into an iron bar at pace. Continued my walk despite it hurting like a bastard for a while. I don't think anything is badly wrong despite it throbbing this evening.  

Meant to try to finish my accountancy books today, but ran out of time with other frog eating.  Home and spoke to Mum, plotting our get together next Monday, all being well. Sat outside and sipped a beer reading the poetry magazine Under the Radar, which I have resubscribed to. 

Lorraine home, and we had a relaxed evening watching TV with Jade. They enjoyed The Great British Sewing Bee. Me, not so much. But we also watched a couple of Frasiers. Lorraine broke out some sherry she had been given by Catherine and Tanya.