Phone monkey

I found it hard to concentrate... Several Estate Agents calls adding to a general background twitchiness which wasn't conducive to my own writing, or completing my accounts. Seems there is one strong lead from the weekend for our own house, and the interested party will visit again on Wednesday. I told them to go live with the property from tomorrow, and have another open day this Saturday. Other conversations I had about Seaford properties and so on. Lorraine and I having conversations about patience and steadiness. Mercury is retrograde too, which certain astrologers slows and confuses negotiations. 

Spoke to the vet. Calliope's thyroid level seems to be right now, thanks to the stuff they gave me to squirt down her throat. All being well now she won't need to be seen for three months.

A chat with a cheerful Anton. And a walk late this afternoon around my usual places. Home and cooked, after sitting outside in the sunshine for a few moments. Spoke to Mum this evening, expecting the Tobster to zoom in tomorrow. 

Lorraine and I watched the last few episodes of the Picard Star Trek series.

Below dug out a photo of Dave today and put it on Facebook, given that they are celebrating Liberation Day in Guernsey. Lovely to see his smile again, and Gwen in profile next to him.