Many small tasks

Many small tasks today, and none of them paying. Up early and sent a speculative MS off to a magazine, then podcast business, getting our new episode uploaded and publicised on social meeja with my interview with J.O. Morgan

Got Sam out of bed to go to a meeting in town. Syringed thyroid medication down Calliope's throat. Conversations with Estate agents during the day. Now well over a dozen viewings scheduled for our house for our open day on Saturday. Also chasing ones in Seaford, including about the complicated house we love.

Worrying about tax a bit when Keith reminded me that as I have reverted to being self employed, I will effectively be double taxed in for the first year. As my first year was good, it means I am going to have to find a lots of money.  No problem if I keep earning, but slightly alarming now I have gone very quiet very quiet.  I have saved money but the idea of handing it all over is a bit galling after slogging so hard. Keith and I  getting in touch with three contacts. 

Quick chat with Anton, saying how much we'd enjoyed a few beers last night. 

Rosie called around this afternoon, now testing negative thankfully who had just had her hair done, and collected some tests for Innis who is still a bit poorly. Rosie still feeling wan and tired. I realised today that my brain is working something like properly again. 

Went for a short walk this afternoon up to the hillfort. Beautiful mild sun and clouds day. Listening to the singer Martha Wainwright's memoir Stories I Might Regret Telling You and waving my camera at nothing in particular.

Home and pressed publish on the podcast, then jet washed the worst of the guano off the decking. Sam then spotted that the radiator in the downstairs bathroom was dripping. Urgently phoned plumber, who is coming tomorrow. The idea of dozens of people coming around on Saturday to look at a leaking pipe not ideal. 

This done, sat outside for a twenty minutes skimming through A Very Short Introduction to Memory by Jonathan K Foster, as an overview to see if I have overlooked something obvious, and then came indoors to cook. Sharpened global knives. Then proceeded to chop assorted vegetables for a stir fry. Sliced one of the knives through the nail into my left index finger. Such a clean cut, thankfully, it barely bled, a little more pressure and it would have lopped off the tip of my finger. So small mercies, etc.

Lovely Adele texts today, demanding to know when we are coming to Seaford next. A call from the Tobster about next week, where he will be in the UK.

A few random snaps on my walk. Early purple orchid looking regal.