Getting slowly back to business

Felt like a busy day. A meeting with Keith discussing business (or its absence) from 8:30, which took some time. Then sending business emails. Then frenziedly running about the house tidying up for the house, and the herculean task of getting Sam out of bed before the photographer and the copywriter arrived to put lipstick on the Kenny Towers gorilla. I also got down the first draft of a new poem, and edited my interview with JO Morgan, and walked just a little shy of 10k paces for the first time in ages. 

I am testing negative for covid finally. It has left me feeling washed out, with chesty cough and a very patchy sense of smell. I went for a short walk this lunchtime, and found I was unable to smell flowers.  I squeezed some rosemary in someone's front garden and smelled my fingers, and I could smell that fleetingly.  I collected a curry this evening, tucking into a chicken jalfrezi. I could taste the peppery heat, but little else. Weird.

A happy evening on the gold sofa nevertheless, with Lorraine who bravely made it through another week. We enjoyed an episode of Masterchef. I even had a small beer for the first time in a couple of weeks. Taste: flavourless, but a bit cold and fizzy. Bah.

Worried about Calliope who is clingy but does not want to eat.