Dream Work

Another good night's sleep. Cheerier and more energy. My lovely wifey bring me a cup of tea in bed again.  And no April fooling. Went for a walk for half an hour or so around Blaker's park and nearby streets. A little flurry of fine snow again when I was out. I took a snap, and nothing showed up.

Listened to an interview Robin has done for the podcast. She did a brilliant job. 

Wrote a bit more of Storage, and started reading a book of poems by Mary Oliver called Dream Work. Tracey had lent me a copy of one of her later books years ago, but I didn't connect with it at all.  But it is love at first sight with this collection. Reaching out from 1986, when it was first published, to a geezer in 2022 who feels an absolute sense of connection and recognition. Writing and reading really is a kind of magic. Some poetry collections on your bookshelf are like friends.  

Feeling much cheerier and more relaxed generally. Not flogging myself for a bit, feels great. Spoke to Mum again. She had a trying day, breaking a back tooth, getting an appointment with her dentist and then the car not starting due to a flat battery and having to get her car club man round and cancelling the dentist. Luckily they have given her another appointment on Monday.  

Lorraine home fairly early. A snake away curry, collected by Sam, even a cold lager or two watching Masterchef, with Lorraine received to have made the end of the week.