A sprint up to old haunts

Recording with Robin this morning, and talking to Mum to see how she and Mason were. Then set off at lunchtime to go to Chiswick to get my gnashers checked by Lucinda. Raining enthusiastically when I walked to Preston Park, luckily I took my old golfing umbrella. Trains cancelled and delayed, so that I almost turned back after waiting on the platform and seeing my travelling time shrink. Luckily the train gods were with me, and I had a seat in faux first, and did some work for a bit, before changing at East Croydon and Clapham Junction. Having spent so many hours of my life at both, almost nostalgic to go through them again after two years of not commuting. Enjoyed the train ride to Kew Bridge from Clapham too, a glimpse of a former life.

Reached the dentist with a slim minute to spare. 

Teeth all good according to Lucinda. I felt as if I had been given a gold star when she said that I take good care of them.  A long wait for the train at Kew Bridge, the wet platform steaming in the sun, looking at the shiny new Brentford FC stadium.

Home again, and Beth was around for tea. I cooked and we ate up at the table, before Beth went to teach adult acting, and Sam went to play his computer game, and Lorraine and I watched Masterchef like tv zombies.

Below a glimpse of Kew Bridge in the sun and rain and a cheeky black and white sky.