A successful tentacle

A better night's sleep with less coughing. Woke up with a rough draft of a poem in my head. Noticed Lorraine was looking pale this morning, and used the blood oximeter on her, as this worried me as they seemed a bit low. However, her readings were fine afterwards. Otherwise a day much like the previous one, just lurking around not well enough to do much. Texts with Keith, and Mum, and Toby and Anton.

Got down the first draft of the poem. Lorraine knitting an entire tentacle of the octopus she is making, and feeling very pleased with the bobble-suckers. By far the best achievement of the day.

We zombie watched stuff on TV: Extraordinary Portraits, a lovely programme about matching a person and an artist to do a portrait, Masterchef, about people cooking deconstructed crumbles and the like, and Simon Wilson, a You Tube star from Wrexham, who films himself endlessly travelling around the world getting into all kinds of scrapes. It may just be the covid, but I find it very compelling.