The slither of a new moon

Starting a week which seems mercifully free of freelance work. However before I got wearily out of bed I had an offer of a few days working with my German friends, starting next Monday, which helps to keep the Kenny coffers a chinking. 

I gave much of the morning to tinkering with poetry, and looking after Lorraine, who while a bit better, is still nowhere near right.

After dinner I made off to the Battle of Trafalgar, for my first visit to a pub for what seemed like ages. Met up with the Beermonsters there. Good to see Steve as always. I am going to lurk with him in Seaford soon. Nick in a cheery mood, and becoming almost lyrical telling us again about hang gliding in the Himalayas. He said there was something called a red zone, that it was important not to fall into, as you would be unlikely to be found for weeks. Richard has chosen not to be vaccinated for his own reasons. His problem now is that his employer is the NHS, and the Government are saying it will become mandatory for all NHS employees to be vaccinated. He has dug up all kinds of data, often from reputable sources, casting doubt on the efficacy of the vaccination programme, and its necessity. When Nick and Steve left, I listened to him for half an hour explaining his position. I can't agree with him, but the idea of mandatory vaccination seems a bit authoritarian. 

Despite all this, good to see the monsters. I hopped into a cab and made off home. I was quite pleased because I drank with reasonable restraint and felt better for having gone out. 

Poked my head out of the en suite bathroom's Velux window to glimpse the slither of the new moon for good luck tonight. All good. Venus bright above it.