One day

Lorraine a little perkier this morning, even getting up early and bringing me a cup of tea. Beth came around and we sat having a bit of breakfast. Then the rest of the morning devoted to the luxury writing my own work -- having a proper bash at getting a first running list for what I am optimistically thinking of as a collection. The working title is 'One Day Forever'. I proceed because this is what I do, rather than with any optimism.

Broke off this afternoon to mooch up Hollingbury Hill to blow the cobwebs off. An actual storm blowing today, and I felt properly buffeted and pushed about. The rain started lashing down rather than merely raining, and my trousers were utterly sodden and sticking to the front of my legs when I walked back into the wind. My legs frozen when I got home, but a quick change of trousers (and underpants which were also soaked) and a hot cup of coffee and all was well. 

Chatted with Mum this afternoon. 

Sam back from tired after a long journey from Scotland, and we ate fishcake and watched Travel Man, a C4 series starring Richard Ayoade, which is a sort of droll travel show where Ayoade goes off with a comedian pal on a 48 hour trip to a holiday destination.

Below the hill fort wall path. Not really showing the wind and shocking amounts of rain that were shortly about to fall.