Boxing Day

A relaxed Boxing Day. Lorraine and I enjoying chatting and hanging out in the morning with Sian and Jade and Sam.Christmas bubble and squeak for lunch,  I did a spot of work preparing for my next podcast interview, and afterwards took myself off for a walk up to the hill fort to get a breath of air, Jade and Sian having mooched off to the seaside, and Lorraine enjoying Star Dew Valley. A big day on the cyber farm as she found a dinosaur egg. I enjoyed my walk despite a superabundance of dogs and played with my camera. 

We all played played Yahtzee a dice game in the evening, which Lorraine won and Sam was in his element. 

Watched the film Don't Look Up late, a satire of modern life and Ecological destruction. A giant meteor is hurtling towards Earth but the scientists fail to elicit a response from politicians or business which will allow the world to be rescued. A bit heavy handed, and not as funny as it thought it was, but still worthwhile I thought.

Took shots facing the low light of the sun today to see what would happen.