Muggle non barbers

A pre-dawn message from mes amis in France wanting me to do a smidge of work. When I couldn't find a quick fix, I gave up. Off to see Stacy this morning for a haircut. Almost an hour. The last ten minutes is given to cutting stray hairs invisible to the the eyes of muggle non-barbers. Back via Sainsbury's.

Lorraine quite a bit brighter, although still coughing. I decided to bump my jolly with Bob next week in London. My estimation is that Omicron is passing like wildfire through the population. I would be very surprised if lockdowns don't start just after Christmas. Lorraine only gets her booster on Wednesday, and will be going back -- gradually -- to work, but I don't want to share crowded train germs with her. 

Calliope split Sam's lip by head-butting his face in the night. It's a sign of affection. 

Met Anton late afternoon. He looks remarkably well considering his probable TIA. He is on medications and going through further tests. Anyway good to see him and have a couple of beers (an excellent glass of porter in the Shakey) and by the time we had reached The Batty the world had largely been put to rights. I hopped into a cab to Red Chillies behind the station, picked up curries which had just been readied, and was home before 7.00pm. Ate curry hungrily with Lorraine.