Last day of work

An email at 7:30 with a load of amends from the Germany job I thought was done and dusted. Felt fairly irritated by this, but my irritation focused itself into a tight beam of action, and I got the job done sent off in time to mooch down to Preston Park where I saw some of the glass folks. Adele, Sally, Frances, Deana, the two Kates, Rick around the corner and Ben. Weirdly warm this morning, and we sat outside drinking coffee and swapping cards and Secret Santa presents. I had a mad scramble to get this ready beforehand. It was my first Christmassy thing of the year. Cheery to see some friendly faces. 

Back home and a few work bits to sort out, and then a bit of a walk taking me over ten thousand paces for the first time in quite a while.  Struggling a bit to feel at all Christmassy yet, which makes me feel a bit sad as I usually love this time of the year. 

Lorraine's last day at school till the new term. She came back with bags of presents from the kids, as well as a Christmas hamper from one of the parents. She also crammed a Christmas tree into the car too.  Lots of lovely messages for her. Now just the business of makings sure she doesn't have covid, as there were a few cases in her school in the last few days. 

Sam off to London for a couple of days, and Lorraine and I had our usual takeaway curry eaten with happiness and relief that she'd reached the end of the year and also that I'd finished my last day of freelance work too. I've had loads of it this year, and there is already more to follow straight at the beginning of January.   

Lorraine looks at some of her presents. The decorations going up soon. This is all helping...