The crow's message

A weirdly decisive and productive day. Got up early and working on my One Day Forever manuscript, and even sent it off to a particular publisher as a work in progress. Lorraine sitting with me in my office as dusty dolls did their business. 

A longer walk for me this afternoon, taking my new camera with me on a learning walk with it. Love how it can zoom into an aspect of the landscape. Walking along I had an encounter with an amiable carrion crow, who came very close to me, and hung about pecking at things, and gripping some chalk as I snapped it. If I had stayed there long enough it might have written me a message. A dog walker and I chatted about the crows briefly. She says a man goes there to feed them, which is why they are friendly. A crow feeder would be something to snap. 

Home and feeling pleasantly aired out. However politics at the moment is unbelievable. Boris Johnson's Number 10 it appears was partying with no social distancing, while closing down Christmas for the rest of us last year. All this blowing up, while Johnson is compelled (perhaps due to political expediency) to have a press conference to announce Plan B, the poorly thought through next step as the Omicron variant is rocketing. Laura Kuenssberg asked Johnson an absolute doozy of a question about his moral authority to ask people to take steps when no.10 had failed to do so, which of course he absolutely failed to answer stinking the place out with toe curlingly embarrassing bluster and bullshit. Amazing theatre. A lot of people on the left are highly dubious about Kuenssberg, but I think she is ace. Boris looks like toast today, but he is such a greased pig he seems to be able to slip out of anything. 

Below a bit of the sea from afar, and a friendly crow holding a piece of chalk.