Something afoot

Lorraine and I off to Sole Sisters this morning, where our feet were buffed up and cosseted by an excellent and podiatrist. She confirmed I had a mild case of nail fungus, but I was told I had been doing the right thing with creams and so on.  After this, we paced off to Raven's bakery, scored two apple pastries and scoffed them at home with coffee. Lorraine drove us to Horsham, through some windy autumnal lanes, where we did some shopping. I had read that you can buy Guernsey butter from Waitrose -- there was none left. Fun shopping with Lorraine.  

In the evening Steve and Penny came around, and we walked down to the Station pub, the other side of Preston Park Tube station and strapped on the nosebags. Surprisingly delicious food washed down in my case with a few pints of Harvey's. Steve and Penny well, and very pleasant company. Penny, who was a headteacher till recently, is now doing some work working as a magistrate. Steve still working hard as an assayer of jewels. 

Home fairly early, and Lorraine and I boofed happily onto the Gold Sofa and watched some TV, including Match of the Day.

Some foot bones in Sole Sister's window of a post Halloween.