A bit more human

A good night's sleep. And greatly improved, if not quite human something very close such as Homo erectus (pictured) or Australopithecus africanus

Felt much better all round, and improved enough to get on with finishing editing the first draft of my interview with Alireza, did some copy, resolved some freelance stuff and seem to have negotiated work for December, and generally got my act together. In a much better frame of mind. 

Lorraine had a horrid day at school. There is covid breaking out in her classes, a parent having a go at her, etc. All I can do is listen, and serve up a diner with mashed potatoes as one of the ingredients. This seems to help. Spoke to Anton, who had a major health checkup today, and needs to go for more. He has invited me to pop around for a pizza tomorrow night.  

Below today's selfies. (Okay they are Homo erectus reconstructions, I nicked from the natural history museum site).