Freelance shenanigans

Lorraine working from home, but feeling ill again. Taking care of her as best I can. 

Assorted freelance shenanigans today. I am finding this kind of thing increasingly tiresome. The job I was supposed to start this Thursday has been bumped. I had been strung along for a few days waiting for them to finalise the details.  It may have started next week, but as I received another offer of work with Keith starting on Thursday I accepted this instead. Spoke to Keith, groggy and horrible after his Pfizer jab the day before. 

Felt upbeat as the day ended, and as if things were more in control.

Podcast editing most of the day. And a walk at the end of the day up to the Hillfort and had a good chat with Mum while I was roaming about around sundown. I was wanting to go up to Edgware to take Mum and Mas out on Christmas Day, but there seems nowhere to go, and we agreed it was better to do it a bit afterwards. Chats with Anton, and then Bob during the day too. Bob and I are hoping to get together before Christmas.

Otherwise the news doomy with Omicron and horrible reading about the people who drowned in the channel trying to reach the UK. Real life is too much, much better to lurk on the gold sofa watching old episodes of Frasier.