Snapping it up

Lorraine feeling somewhat improved today again. Late in the afternoon we got confirmation that she (or I) did not have Covid right now. Felt relieved about this.

I felt much brighter after a gold sofa day, and went for a walk this afternoon up to the Hillfort. I enjoyed the pink and orange skies, and the way that makes the clouds seem blue. You could tell it had been windy as I saw three separate dogs wandering about carrying branches in their mouths, which looked sweet.

Lorraine decided to buy me a camera tonight, as a combined birthday and Christmas present, with me adding a bit too. Felt a bit scary spending so much money to snap up a camera, but I do take photos most days, so I know it would not be wasted. Reading the book Innis lent me, and fiddling around with the camera he also lent me has been invaluable.

Viscerally disgusted by Chelsea merely drawing at home with Manchester United today.

I read Grief is the thing with feathers by Max Porter. An interesting book harking back to Ted Hughes's Crow collection, which I also dug out. Will talk about them for the podcast recording I am doing tomorrow.

Cooked and played about with Innis's camera today. I did not need to go too far from my sofa to take these snaps of Calliope sitting with me on the sofa. I love how black and white can seem warm too. Also an iPhone snap of the blue and apricot of low sun.