Betty's birthday lunch

A lunchtime birthday party for Beth today, her birthday was yesterday, and luckily as I felt a good deal better, I jumped in the cab with Lorraine and Sam. We travelled to The Station pub in Portslade by taxi, which made things easy. Beth had an excellent Birthday yesterday, being taken up to see Hamilton in the West End by James, and cried with happiness through the first several songs. She and James also had a nice meal with Gary and Sophie.

I loved being out and seeing friends like James Kuszewski -- who'd acted in my Christmas play We Three Kings and is such a creative soul, met his partner Rob too, who I really liked.  Amy down from Chester too, sporting excellent blue hair, last seen by me -- I think -- when we were up in Edinburgh doing A Glass of Nothing. Dawn and her new boyfriend Paul were there getting on like a house on fire. Innis and Rosie, and lots of Beth's friends pals, from drama and also Sarah who is Betty's boss when she does her first aid training, and her husband Pete who I liked lots. Quite a few folks there, and everyone was having fun. Decent food too, and I had some Guinness which agreed with me. 

Lorraine and I left early, not to overdo it, as we are both still recovering.

Home and in need of a rest. I made toasties for supper.

Below Betty and come caterpillar cakes. One was called Calliope which felt wrong, but was quite tasty.

Happy birthday being sung to Beth. Lots of people out of shot, obviously. But there is Amy, Lorraine, Terri, and Beth looking at James.