Slowly improving

Today had a tricky start, feeling apprehensive about the new job. Hammering rain first thing, which made me pleased I was working from home. Breakfast: a boiled egg and the a slice of the most holed chewy brown loaf I have ever seen.

Sat at my desk an hour or so before the first meeting to read through the material I had been sent, at 8 o'clock the central part of my vision went to be replaced by spangles. A migraine. Luckily I sat listening to a meditation tape, and the spangling had passed ten minutes before I was to dial in. These days the headache component to my migraine is just at basic headache level, so I could press on, albeit in a wussed out enervated way. Working with Fernanda, who is a lovely Brazilian woman who I have worked with before, and some other pleasant folks. Yet another transatlantic pitch. I can't seem to escape them. Working with Fernando -- also Brazilian but based in Lisbon. Keith messaged saying last weeks agency are wondering if I would be free to work on their brief. To misquote Beyonce: 'If you want it, you should have put a booking on it'.

The day all done by 5:30 then a bit later I did some recording with Robin for the podcast, and then I was delighted to slump down at the end of the day to sit with Lorraine on the gold sofa. I hadn't managed to leave the house all day. 

Spoke to Mum however, Mas is improved, and they were off to the Waggon and Horses. Also chatted with Anton, who has been stuck in a similar fairly joyless rut of work and not feeling well with a bad cold. Klaudia has had covid apparently but is fine, although she lost her taste and smell for a bit.

A slice of bread and air for breakfast.