Euchre and streetfood

I cooked breakfast, which involved frying two eggs which stuck to the bottom of the pan so badly that when I tried to flip them they completely disintegrated. Lorraine told me off for stabbing the eggs with the spatula in fury. After, we pottered briefly in the garden, and some tall plants that had been disturbing Lorraine for weeks, and were quietly removed. We also picked two or three more little sun gold tomatoes eaten whole as a small explosion of niceness. 

Took myself for a long walk which greatly improved my mood. Everywhere I went there were blackberry bushes groaning with berries. The air hazy towards the sea. A lovely warm day, and I felt freer than I had felt for ages. Also listening to the book The World Before Us, by Tom Higham, which as it is about paleoanthropology, a subject I love boning up on.  

In the evening, Lorraine and I walked down to the Hampton, and had some Indian streetfood with Anton, as part two of Anton's birthday. Very busy though, and stressfully loud, so after we'd polished off the street food, we repaired up the hill to The Crescent, where we sat in the garden, playing euchre. Really nice time. L and I cabbed home. I walked well over 10 km today, much of it off-road. 

Cards in the dark.