No rest for the wicked etc.

Got up and wrote some of my own stuff for  a while -- a new poem in the my new 'unfinest hour' style -- where I write poems in a way that does me no credit as a human being, but are at least honest. 

I wasn't working, today, but the day managed to be draining and busy. Talking to Keith, accepting next week's job (now a week and a half) via YunoJuno (a sort of portal some agencies like to work through) having to renew business insurance, meeting Robin and discussing the podcast and doing some recording, but also just chatting and generally sympathising with one another about the lot of the poet.

A bit stressed as the people in the US I have been working for with Keith in the last two weeks, announced they wanted us to continue next week. I have taken another job, as they hadn't booked me, however.  

A walk later in the afternoon, up to the hill fort listening to Bob Mortimer's memoir, called And Away, which is warm and amusing. Lorraine home reasonably early, and we had our usual takeaway curry. A quiet night. Getting towards the end of the great Frasier re-watch.