Anton's birthday

A curiously frustrating day, feeling stressed and unable to make progress in any direction. 

Anton and I investigated the walking around Guernsey plan but the price the Barbarie were charging was too hefty so we have parked that for the time being. Also plane fares start at a very reasonable £59 each way, but as soon as you want to take a small suitcase with you, you can expect to pay an extra sixty quid for the round trip.

Had another go at sorting out the Natwestisögur but failed. Was told my existing complaints person would get back to me. 

Anton and Bob's birthdays today. I sent fond messages to Bob, and in the evening Lorraine, Sam and I made off down to the Shahi to have a celebratory curry with Anton, Anne, Klaudia and Oskar. A cheery evening, Anton on good form. We had got him a historical print of a map of Poland when we were in Hay on Wye.  Meanwhile young Klaudia very businesslike these days, having given up her job in McDonalds for a better paid gig on the Pier. She seems to be having fun. Oskar, who had covid a few weeks ago and lost lots of weight, is spending lots of time hurtling about on his bike going off-road may stay slim for some time longer. Anne well and cheery. Sam enjoyed the curry and all was well. Lorraine, Sam and I walked home up Beaky Road as a partial penance for the curry.

Below managed to capture excellent Godbairns Klaudia and Oskar in the same shot, without the world imploding into another dimension.