Pinch and a punch for the first of the month. Out of bed and, pausing only to make Lorraine a cup of tea and feed the cats, before striding down London Road to get my annual fasting bloods done. I wonder if enforced starvation a few days before is going to make my results weird. As I passed Rick around the corner's house, Rick happened to be outside. I told him where I was going, and he said there was a national shortage of vials and wondered if there was something seriously wrong with me if they had authorised it. Hope not. In and out of the medical centre in moments. The nurse, no older than your average victorian chimney sweep, was rapid and efficient. 

Home with a loaf of chewy brown. Lorraine, Sam and I chatting in the kitchen and Sam laughing at the word phlebotomist when Lorraine said it. 

At my desk unwanted tasks such as having to create an account online at Company's House so I could end my Ltd company made me want to self harm. But with the information my accountant sent me it was all done in minutes. Also planning a possible trip, but this is proving complex. Last day of Lorraine working at home today, am a bit sad about that. She then slipped off to her personal trainer, while I prepared a Mexican themed meal. 

Finished the Lost City of Z tonight, sat cozily on the sofa as my virtual farming wife took possession of a new piglet called Percival.  Interesting book, ending with stuff I had read about, suggesting there was indeed dense human occupation of the Amazon before the ghastly Europeans arrived with all their newfangled germs and horses.