Lorraine working from home this morning, and Beth came too. They sat either side of the dining table, Beth doing tax stuff, and Lorraine doing school stuff, before she nipped off. Nice to chat to Betty who is very excited about the offer on a flat with James being accepted. With any luck she and James will be home owners before long. 

Dusty Dolls doing the cleaning which was great. Because there are two dolls, they are all done and dusted in an hour and a half. 

All day with Keith again making decent progress, and no presentations or meetings today which made things easier. I had time for a walk after work too. Enjoyed being up on the hill fort again, after having felt a bit drained until today from whatever bug it was I had last weekend. A beauty of a day, and the Autumn equinox with the sun nudging into the constellation of Libra this evening. These months till Christmas are my favourite of the year.  

Sun from the hill fort, glistening on the distant sea.