Hovish interludes

I made us breakfast in bed this morning, nipping out to the Choice Cuts around the corner, before heading back upstairs with Egg and Bacon sandwiches and more tea. Lorraine has a cold.

Looking at the wallpapering that Cass has done in the big bedroom. I like the colour. Eventually we got up, and drove into town. It was raining. We bought some paint for the other bedroom, and then went to where Beth was teaching to pick up my Santa clothes for when I get home after being in Vienna.

Then a spot of shopping, and returned home. An interlude of doing little on the gold sofa, before I caught the bus and went to visit Janet and Ken. I bought some brownies from a butcher's at the top of second avenue. Some amazing pies in there, and the brownies were great.

A good chat cups of tea and brownies with Janet and I very pleased to see Ken at home, who seems in good spirits. Janet is about to buy herself a Honda Jazz. I like the idea of Janet driving about in a Jazz.

Having seen Janet and Ken I sauntered up the road to Beth's flat, where Lorraine had just arrived with sniffles. It is Beth's birthday on Monday. Sat about chatting with Beth about a Santa and Elves business for next year, then we mooched off to The Giggling Squid in Hove where we collected a meal to take home. John doing a gig tonight to an audience of Finns.

An enjoyable evening, sat around eating Thai food and watching the first half of Zootopia, a rather good animated film about a lady rabbit who wants to be a cop.  We stopped this however, as Amy arrived, who is down in Brighton for the weekend, and to celebrate Betty's birthday. Nice to see Amy, last seen being left in Edinburgh as the rest of us headed South.

Lorraine sniffing somewhat with her cold, and so we jumped on an earlyish bus, and zoomed home for an earlyish night. After I'd watched a spot of Match of the Day, and a Chelsea 4-0 victory over the unfortunate Baggies.