Happy endings

Toast and tea with Mum and Mas, fond farewells, then I walked off to Stanmore station. A painless journey to work, despite it raining hard just before I got to Stanmore. Had the best day of work at the Paddington agency so far. The suit Dan is on the ball and helping me get everything sorted, and I was given some extra work on aesthetic beauty treatments that I did quickly and easily, feeling like I was being my agency self again in a way I hadn't been for a while. The day passed quite quickly, and It being Friday helped too.

Went to Pret at lunchtime and bought a wrap containing hummus and avocado and other green things. Instead of crisps I bought a packet of crisped kale. As I walked up some stairs a gust of wind blew this packet out of my hand, and showered the man climbing the stairs next to me with kale. I eventually retrieved the packet and scraped the rest into my mouth. Had a stroll along the canal then back to the office.

Home rapidly too, and Lorraine picked me up at the station. I had missed her even after one day. Once we found somewhere to park in our street, we went to the Preston Park Tavern, and had some grub and some beer, and lots of chats. A nice way to end the week. Then happy to be home, on our gold sofa.

Strange light this morning around Paddington. And the sunset glimpsed through a window in a pink agency wall. Felt for a moment that this was another planet.