Indian Summer

Got up and went back to bed again several times this morning. I felt like Lorraine and I hadn't spoken much this week. And we didn't really embark on the world till the afternoon, when we went off into town and at four o'clock I was too late to get a haircut from my usual barbers.

Instead Lorraine and I got a flu jab at Boots. We were ushered into the room together, which was quite companionable. I don't mind having a jab, but I didn't like seeing Lorraine having one. We were told to hang about for five minutes afterwards. I sat down and immediately began to picture the rapid death I was going to experience through anaphylactic shock. Lorraine went off to browse happily in Boots before returning to shepherd me out, grateful for life. 

From there a short mooch to Indian Summer, a nice restaurant we've not been to before together. I think I went there once with Diane, Mum's old pal. Extremely tasty food, and a grown up atmosphere. We walked back, happy and full, through town, it still being only six thirty, and despite being momentarily tempted by the Basketmakers, we simply went home. Today definitely a day of recovery from a tiring week. At least next week I won't have to do a poetry reading in the middle of it, which I enjoy but takes quite a bit out of me.  The bliss of not having to get on a train today.