To the gym like a PUMA

Up early prepping for my recordings with Robin. All kinds of technical shenanigans at Robins end this morning, but eventually we were up and running.  Recording and chatting for an hour or so, then much of the rest of the day given up to editing.

A note from Charlotte this morning saying she has covid, and as we were chatting last Thursday she kindly let me know. I said I would much prefer to get it from a friend than a complete stranger. I did a test this morning anyhow, as I hadn't done one for ages. Was fine. 

Clarity that Keith and I are not working for the rest of the week finally arrived today. But it seems a new job somewhere new has just emerged.

Booked the Barbarie for Lorraine and I to have a few days away in Guernsey in the late spring. Trying not to get too excited by this prospect.

I also braved the gym. As I walked to the gym I realised the new trainers I bought yesterday look a bit ridiculous. They have the word PUMA on them in huge white letters, and they are olive green. Went very gently today as I don't want to shock my system not being as young as I used to be etc. A feeling made much worse by the age of everyone else at this branch... The overwhelming majority are students. And of course the covid levels are spiking rapidly. 

Poured with rain on the way back, my new PUMAs soaked. In London the rain contained Saharan sand. Keith put a photo of a glass roof covered in the stuff on Facebook. 

Evening. Beth called around, and we had a lovely chat as I cooked. She recommended I cut the PUMA bit off the trainers as it seems to be on a functionless band of elastic. She stayed for dinner and when Lorraine arrived we had up at the table with Sam, which made Lorraine happy. Then Beth off to teach drama, and Lorraine and I chilled out watching The Wheel of Time which is quite good escapism.